Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy as of January 10th 2016

The Privacy Policy terms are subject to change and can be changed at any time and you will be notified of changes.

  1. At the data you submit on the Finance form is submitted securely to prevent any unauthorized access or tampering to the data.
  2. The data you submit via the finance form includes; Your name, your email, your birth-date, your address (street address, city, province, postal code), your vehicle identification number, your marital status, your social insurance number(SIN), your monthly and gross monthly payment amount, your job position, your business’s phone number, your employer’s name, your house expense, your gender, and your trade info, which is all transmitted over a secured encrypted connection
  3. The data you submit is only transmitted to the owner of the business and is done by a secure encrypted connection
  4. When there are changes to the privacy policy the user will be notified when the changes will be in effect on the website
  5. If you have any questions or concerns or need any data altered please email Garnet Trimper at or call at 902-866-0361 or send a fax to 902-256-2434